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Our go-to probiotics are JustThrive for many reasons: Their strains have been 3rd party clinically tested and proven to arrive 100% alive in your gut. Studies show the spore strains are 1000x more effective than most brands on the market! They improve flora balance and cultivates digestive health​.

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If you're looking for quality, organic & vegan supplements, then check out this awesome company.  We are big fans of the digestive enzymes "Veganzyme" as well as the magnesium "Oxy-Powder."​

Use code "KEEPINFITREAL" for 15% off!

Use code "jillandjenna" for 15% off!

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Think online shopping, but food! Thrive offers Groceries DELIVERED to your door! You can filter by food preferences/restrictions like GF, DF, vegan, paleo (whatever works for you). Some of our favorite brands are sold on Thrive.

*All recommended products have gone through Keepin' Fit Real's required vetting process. We do not and will not recommend a product or work with a brand that we do not personally use ourselves. We have and will continue to respectfully decline any and all brand deals that do not align with our health values.* 

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