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Tune in to your two favorite sisters on a mission to help make gut health more ~digestible~ for the every day person. Through interviews and personal experiences, Jill and Jenna will break down the importance of gut health, how to get started on your gut health journey and how to make sustainable, realistic changes.

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A podcast centered around gut health & being your best self.

What our listeners are saying:

Courtney C

I've loved listening to the gut talk girls because they have made me feel less alone during this health journey.  So excited to have this podcast in such a time as this in my life!

Sophia M

Gut Talk is my new favorite podcast.  I have really bad IBS and it's so nice to listen to people each week that are so relatable, informative and kind!

Lindsay B

I have listened to every episode so far.  I smile and laugh along with Jill and Jenna while listening becasue they make it seem like we are all best friends.  They are so natural and have amazing knowledge to share.

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