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Our favorite plant-based protein powder, greens and supplements. Ora Organic sells high-quality, organic ingredients and even triple screens their products for heavy metals & pesticides!


We love the mission of this company, as well as every single product we tried.  We especially love the matcha, pink salt & Cocotropic Superfood Elixir.

Use code "KFR25" for 25% off!

Use code "Keepinfitreal" for 10% off!

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Savorista offers high quality decaf, low caf and half caf coffee for those who can't tolerate caffeine (like Jenna!), or who are looking to decrease their caffeine intake.

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Bread made with gut health in mind.  This bread is a base of almond flour with egg white, psyllium husk and apple cider vinegar included.  Perfect topped with avocado! 

Use code KEEPINFITREAL for 25% off!

 Code "JILL&JENNA" for $12 off the starter bundle!


Our go-to low sugar & dairy free chocolate. It tastes too good to be true. 

Use code "keepinfitreal" for 10% off


Fody is committed to making products that are gut friendly for IBS! Products include sauces, salad dressings, marinades, snacksthat are all low FODMAP.  All Fody products are gluten-free, lactose-free, and they don’t contain onion or garlic.

*All recommended products have gone through Keepin' Fit Real's required vetting process. We do not and will not recommend a product or work with a brand that we do not personally use ourselves. We have and will continue to respectfully decline any and all brand deals that do not align with our health values.* 

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